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What do you stand for?

Coaching with Connie Allred


Connie believes that positive values and qualities of a women will completely enhance a woman’s life so
she can live her life with confidence, passion, happiness, and experience commitment to the values that she admires. With focused coaching that helps you to discover and know “what do you stand for” is a key element to Connie’s coaching program. Because when you don’t know what you stand for with conviction from within, you will be tossed about back and forth with any emotions, moods, and
influences from other people in your life. When that happens, the mental gymnastics is overwhelming
and all you feel is discouraged, depressed, and dissatisfied!


How I Can

Help You

I am a very passionate, funny, and inspiring Motivational Speaker, I have spoken in front of Women’s groups at different venues from church programs, direct sales meetings, at office meetings,  on stage presentations with up to 4000 in the audience, and even smaller group settings.    My audiences are engaged, entertained,  and inspired.  They leave refreshed and inspired and ready to implement the many tools they learned for increasing their confidence, improve their lives and business!  Book me as your speaker today for your next women’s event!


Brea, CA 92821


Tel: 714-401-2825

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