Passionate About Inspiring Others
  • DSWA Coach Excellence School – Principle Centered Coaching

  • Coach Training Alliance – Certified Life Coach

  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Karate

  • Cookie Lee Jewelry, Inc. – 12 years

  • Vivi – 2 years

  • Premier Designs Jewelry – 2016 to present

  • Corporate World in Human Relations – 7 years

  • Raised 5 successful children

When you know what you stand for when life knocks you down,  you can look up, get up and stand again and move through life with grace, strength, and then even be a shining example to other women!

In June of 2001, I was introduced to a Direct Sales business. I knew I could create my own hours while raising my five children and be my own boss. I built my own very successful direct sales business as an Executive Director and National Trainer for Cookie Lee Jewelry, Inc., based in Irvine, CA.  This involved leading team members as well as conducting and writing trainings for all levels of consultants to be held at different locations across the country.  As a National Trainer I actually trained other National Trainers to become the best that they could be.. I was able to achieve high levels of personal success because I was extremely driven. I was the second women to sell $1 Million of jewelry, and there was only 3 other women that achieved that level. 

I knew that if I put “both feet in” and totally commit, even during the ups and downs, I could have achievement. This feeling of achievement meant having a feeling of “being important”. The connection for me was very deep. You see, I knew that I had a big purpose. I knew that God had blessed me with a gift to Inspire others. I always saw this direct sales business as a “vehicle” to connect with other women and to “pour” into them the beauty that I could see in them.

​I have always loved the self-improvement field of learning and growing personally because I believe that if we are growing personally inside, then our outside physical world of business (and other areas such as physical, spiritual, and emotional) will have success! I learned how to have high levels of self-discipline and “coach” myself early on. I knew that if I wanted to achieve certain things in life, I had to be my own best friend. I had to eliminate the inner critic, and feed the inner coach.

​In 2012, I decided to become a Certified Life Coach. I knew I wanted to help other women, not just in my direct sales business. So I have coached women for many other types of life situations, all focusing on the common goal of increasing their self-confidence. I have found that when our self-confidence is higher, we try new things, speak our voice, get more done, and feel more accomplished, and whole as a woman. Also, when our self-confidence is higher we actually see more clearly. We have more clarity for our own life. We take responsibility and take actions to improve our life! Which puts us in an upward cycle of achieving our purpose!

I have a passion for business that has never died down.  I love bringing value to other women’s lives by coaching, mentoring, empowering, and inspiring them and helping them figure out ‘another angle’ to reach their goals, whether those are life goals or business goals.  Business coaching is very fulfilling to me as I love business, love coaching, and love helping women on a clearer path to take.  I specialize in direct sales and network marketing companies.  My business coaching clients have had great results from working with me, whether creating a business plan or getting some new business ideas


I have personalized Life Coaching programs that I have created for YOU! From Physical Fitness and Health, Mental and Emotional Health, and Spiritual Health.  Choosing me as your coach will only increase your inner strength as a woman to be able to make every day count by knowing what YOU stand for! 

​Today, my focus is still to coach women see how important they are. My purpose is to Inspire women to achieve self-confidence so they can share their voice, achieve much more in their life, in their business, and live a purpose filled life of happiness!


Brea, CA 92821


Tel: 714-401-2825


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