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HABITS. How they really work

Your habits determine your future~!

What is a habit?  it is something you do so often it becomes easy.  Or simply stated, it’s a behavior that you keep repeating.  Persisting  certain behaviors, eventually becomes automatic.

The great news is that you can reprogram yourself any time you choose to do so!  That’s the key!  You have to want to change, and then you need to make a choice.  You need to care enough, or be so tired of what you are doing in order to be self-motivated to make a change.

The BEST way to eliminate a bad habit is to replace that behavior with a good/better choice.  If you just “try” to stop doing something, that will leave a void and that is why you usually return back to it.  So to eliminate that void when you are “trying” to stop a bad habit, you must fill it with a positive action.  Wah-la!  the void is gone and you actually feel a sense of increased confidence because you KNOW inside you CHOSE to replace a good choice over a bad choice.  Now, here is the second key:  CONSISTENCY!  Sorry, but just one time will not eliminate a bad habit.  Just think about how long you have had that bad habit.  It will take several “filling the void” choices.  Just how the bad habit was formed, you can be sure that the new habit will be formed too!  This fact alone should bring you some kind of hope and relief!


This is a strategy that works!  for example, if you are working on developing a new habit to exercise 4 days a week, then put your work out shoes right at your bedside, so when you wake up the first things you feet will hit will be your running shoes, not the floor!  Put them on!  Chances are really high you will go on that run since you already have them on!

Post up reminder notes in important places for yourself before bed.  For example, put up a sticky note in the bathroom mirror so you see it as you are doing your hair that says “Remember to eat healthy today!”.  Being your own cheer leader will help you achieve your new habit you are working on!

You wont just drift to the top!  It takes focus, personal discipline, and determination, and consistency to make things happen.  The habits you develop from this day forward will ultimately determine how your future work out.

You can do this!  I bet you already have some really great habits!  If you need help with a bad habit, contact me and we will work on it together!


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