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Purpose: finding yours

Have you ever played Hop Scotch?  Hopping in the squares without falling, picking up the object at the end, then without putting both feet on the ground, you hop around and hop back to where you began.  When you finished, you would land on both feet with a feeling of “i did it”!

Having no clear goals to which you are committed, and having no clear meaning or purpose in life can cause stress and negativity.  One major source of stress is poor time management, which is caused by a lack of clarity concerning goals and priorities.

You can’t plan and organize your time efficiently or effectively, (or hop forward), if you are unsure about what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Perhaps 80% of all the problems and unhappiness that you experience occur because you are unclear about where you’re going or where you will “hop” next.

The very act of sitting down and making a list of ten things you would like to accomplish over the next 12 months will get you very excited.  You will become more alert and aware.  You’ll be happier. Your mind is structured in such a way that you feel good about yourself only when you’re working toward achieving something that is important to you.

On a piece of paper, draw a Hop Scotch.  Now write down in the squares some goals you would like to achievePost that up in a place you can see it daily.  Start with something easy and fun!  Also, make Hop Scotches for different subjects:  for example: Health choices, Books you want to read, Spiritual growth, Exercise, Work goals, ect.

KEY:  As you keep writing down goals that YOU want to achieve, you will begin to see a pattern.  This pattern will show you what you are passionate about.  This passion leads straight to your purpose!  You see, you can find your purpose by writing down your goals, and hopping on each square leading you directly to happiness and meaning and then you will exclaim “I did it!”


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