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Short Circuit any Negative Emotion

The Simple switch you can throw to short-circuit any negative emotion is within The Law of Substitution. This law states that the subconscious mind can only hold one thought at a time, positive or negative, and YOU can deliberately choose that thought. YOU can substitute a positive, constructive thought for a negative, destructive thought, and in so doing, you can push the negative thought out of your mind!

KEY: If you feel angry or negative for any reason, you can immediately cancel the thought that is causing the negative emotion by saying, very firmly, “I am responsible”. (Because YOU are responsible for what YOU think in your own mind)

This is the most powerful of all affirmations for mental control. These words put you back in the emotional driver’s seat. The words “I am responsible” switch your mind immediately from negative to positive. They enable you to assert complete control over your emotions. They make you feel calm and relaxed, and enable you to see the situation with greater clarity.

With your negative emotions inside you, you can not develop any further than you have up to this point. Your negative emotions are like forces of mental gravity that are holding you captive. YOU must leave them behind.

If you are not responsible for your life, then who is? Take 100% responsibility for YOU, and do not BLAME anyone! You choose your thoughts, which will lead to being emotionally stable. Practice this daily! go ahead, say it “I AM RESPONSIBLE”….. By doing this, you will continue to short-circuit any negative emotions and be in control.


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