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The Key to understand the Power of Love

If you had a key to love, how would you use it?  where would you use it? With whom would you use it?

We do so many things each day searching for a way to unlock more love.  Much of what what you do  is done either to get love or to compensate for lack of love.  The emotion of love exerts an enormous influence on your every choice and decision.

Your self-ideal, (who you think you are), and the regulator of your behavior, can be understood as your idea of the kind of person you need to be to earn the love and respect of the people you care about.

Your self-esteem, is “your reputation with yourself“, is largely determined by how lovable and valuable you appear in your thinking.  Many personality problems are rooted in “love withheld”.  Almost everything you do today – the goals you set, (or don’t set), the dreams you have, (or don’t have), the commitments you make, (or break), is influenced by the power of love in your life. (now that is a powerful key!)

Awareness is so important:  You are automatically drawn toward the people whose love you both want AND need, and you are extremely influenced by their opinions.  (good or bad).

KEY QUESTIONS: Who are the people whose love and respect are most important to you?  What do you have to do and who do you have to become for them to love and respect you?  These are core questions for a happy life.   (Your honest answers should be revealing!)

In order to have more personal power, everything you do must be consistent with increasing the amount of love and respect you have for yourself, and that others have for you.  Only in this way will you be continually motivated to become the person you are capable of becoming.  (motivation comes from yourself)

The key is truly in your handsIt begins with your choices everyday.  Keeping promises with yourself with what you know to be true, will increase love and respect for yourself. Self-Confidence will be the natural manifestation.  Which in turn will increase “healthier” ways to get love.

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