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What do you need more of in your life?

What do you need more of in your life?

Usually, we can answer this quickly, because it is the first thing that flashes through our mind and heart. But then just as fast, a few (or several) other things come to our mind that might be “more logical”, or what someone else thinks you need. The truth is, down deep inside, you KNOW what you need more of. For some reason, it is not in our life.

I have had clients tell me so many things before, but never once was their answer “money”, or a “bigger house” or something like that.

When we have a private and personal yearning for something, and we are just not getting it, we will tend to “do” other things to fill that void. We create habits that give us a “quick fix” for a moment and then we tell ourselves we are good! for example, shopping, eating, spending precious time on Facebook or watching TV, ect.

Together, you and I, will discover exactly what your WHAT is and where does that come from, and even better, how to get it. You see, you deserve it! Once you have truly, authentically, and honestly identified it, (it takes courage to go there in that empty space and spend some time there) certain actions can be taken to begin that fill!

It is very exciting actually. Just think of it! A feeling of more confidence in your life because you have identified something that your soul is missing, and now you will have some “tools” to obtain it in a powerful way!

You are important! You have a purpose!


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